Natural Turquoise Earrings Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped with Pyrite

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Natural turquoise earrings, sterling silver wire wrapped with pyrite. This pair is awesomely amazing! They will be a treasure to have for years to come.

This pair of earrings measure about 2.12 inches long. They are not heavy.

About the stones from the seller I purchased from:

Guaranteed 100% natural Turquoise not treated in any way... Uniquely Hand Cut and Exclusively made for us from the old Royston, Nevada mines. The beautiful strikes in this stone have not been actively mined for over 10 years! EXCLUSIVE ONLY FROM US! We have a limited batch of rough stone that we bought years ago!

Turquoise is revered as the Life stone in metaphysical lore, known to strengthen, cleanse, and bring affection to those who carried or wore it. It is even said to preserve friendships and slowly bring enemies around to your side.