Long Natural Shattuckite Gemstone Earrings Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped with Chrysocolla

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Long gemstone earrings sterling silver. Natural Shattuckite earrings, sterling silver wire wrapped with chrysocolla. This pair rests on sterling silver ear wires. What an amazing pair! A treasure to have for years to come.

This pair measures a little shy of 2.25 inches long.  

Tip: Store your sterling silver jewelry in plastic bags to prevent tarnish. You can easily clean your sterling silver jewelry with a sterling silver polishing cloth.

Everything comes in a gift box for gift giving and for your jewelry's protection. I take pride in finding unique items to make my jewelry out of. Your jewelry should be as special as you are.

From the company I purchased the stones:

"Guaranteed Genuine 100% natural Shattuckite from Congo... Exclusively Hand-Cut for us and not seen anywhere else... We hand picked every single piece of raw Shattuckite rough from the mine in Congo... Only the nicest pieces with the most vibrant colors were sent to our stone cutting facility... Cutting this stone is quite a challenge due to the natural hybrid nature of the multiple minerals residing in the stones including Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Copper, Iron, and more... But not for our expert cutters due to their years of cuttings and polishing experience on natural hybrid stones with different hardnesses... Check out this pendant's mirror polish and you will understand that nobody else does this stone better than us! Shattuckite is known as a stone of renewal."