Green Canyon Jasper Earrings Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped with Pyrite

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Green canyon jasper earrings, sterling silver wire wrapped with pyrite.  This pair rests on sterling silver ear wires. Love the coloring in this stone!

This pair of earrings measure about 2.25 inches long.  They are not heavy.

Everything comes in a gift box for gif giving and for your jewelry's protection.  I take pride in finding unique items to make my jewelry out of. Your jewelry should be as special as you are.

About green canyon jasper from the shop purchased from: "Green Canyon Jasper earring pairs exclusively made for our shop... Not seen anywhere else!.. Really striking and amazing natural coloration and pattern!.. we always pride ourselves on bringing you the latest unique stones... These earrings were cut from the very first batch of stone that was ever mined.. The green veining in this stone is absolutely stunning! Green Canyon Jasper has been credited throughout the centuries for driving away evil spirits and ghosts while protecting the wearer. This stone is excellent for keeping away nightmares."

While I don't know about those last few sentences, I just think they are amazingly beautiful! I will be keeping a pair for myself :).